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Sunday, July 25

WooHOOO! Front Page Exposure, LOL!

What a lovely surprise to find that my featured bracelet made Etsy's Front Page this morning! I'm sorry I missed it, but after all, it IS Sunday... had a lovely late Saturday night, and so a late start this morning. The best part of the surprise is that my bracelet was purchased by a very sweet buyer who will now enjoy my creation and hopefully visit my Etsy shop again soon!

Couldn't resist posting a screenshot of the Treasury I was featured in... my thanks to my JET buddy, peacesofindigo!

Wednesday, July 21

Blimey, It's Limey!

Gosh, it's been ages since I've found time to blog... housebitchin, yardwork, critters... along with a new kitten... I need 36 hr days, then maybe I'd even get a decent night's sleep! lol
But, I digress... I wanted to post a fabulous new Treasury collection I've just curated to honor the best team on Etsy, the JETS... jewelry, hair & fashion accessories, home decor glassware... even goodies for the guys! So here it is... come by for a visit, click, comment and do some browsing in these wonderful shops! ;)

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