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Wednesday, January 12

EEK! I've been neglecting you...

Yupp... poor lil blog has been sorely neglected since before the Holidays...
but I will try to do better! (I said try, lol)

Anyhow, I've been having so much fun experimenting with shaping, forming, cooking and banging different metals, that I finally caved and decided to try oxidizing some of my sterling silver findings ... and just recently tried it on my first piece of jewelry, woohoo! I'm quite pleased with the results, so here it is... TaDA!

My beautifully organic, rustic, earthy gemstone bracelet, lovingly wrapped with oodles of wire... created of course, with my own hand forged clasp, and a gorgeous handmade Hill Tribes fine silver chain extender to make it adjustable. So altho this is my first piece, it certainly won't be my last, because I'm really loving this oxidized silver look!

Now don't get me wrong, I love nothing more than the bright, creamy look of sterling silver, so I will always have those types of designs in my shop... but one must step outside the box... push the envelope... test their mettle (or metal, as it were, lol). In any case, I do like to appeal to as many different jewelry tastes as possible, so it's onward and upward (literally, with the ever increasing price of sterling and fine silver lately... now that qualifies as an EEK!)

So, stop by when you get a chance... you'll see some new and innovative pieces that I'm very proud of. OH, and there are a lovely pair of earrings to match this bracelet... just sayin ;)



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